• Audience

    The course primarily targets development practitioners and policy-makers working on the development of sustainable food systems. It will also benefit those interested in learning more about food systems and how to develop sustainable food systems, such as:

    • Farmer representatives
    • Support services providers
    • Consumers
    • Agribusiness representatives
    • Development practitioners
    • Government policy-makers

  • You will learn about

    • The concepts of interlinkages and sustainability in food systems, including sustainability trade-offs.
    • The concept of value-added in sustainable food systems development.
    • Applying the Food System Wheel as an analytical framework to describe and analyse food systems.
    • The Structure - Conduct - Performance (S-C-P) and SFS development paradigms to explain the dynamics of the Food System Wheel.

  • Course structure

    The course consists of 2 lessons of 30 and 40 minutes duration respectively:

    • Lesson 1 - Key concepts in sustainable food systems
    • Lesson 2 - An analytical framework

  • Partners

    This course was developed in collaboration with the One Planet Network's Sustainable Food Systems Programme" 

      German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development