This course provides the necessary knowledge to design, develop and implement agricultural projects and programmes that address the challenges of a changing climate. It is useful for professionals working in agricultural development who need to learn how to mainstream effectively climate change considerations in their projects and programmes.

 5 hours
Publication Date:
 July 2014

The course is useful for investment project formulation practitioners, national and international staff and consultants, as well as government staff involved in mobilizing investment for agriculture and rural development.


The course consists of 7 lessons, of approximately 30 to 60 minutes duration each:

  • Lesson 1 Overview
  • Lesson 2 Basics of adaptation and mitigation in the agricultural sectors
  • Lesson 3 Incorporating climate change at the conceptualization stage
  • Lesson 4 Preparing a climate change-sensitive concept note
  • Lesson 5 Rapid assessment of the impacts of climate change on the project area
  • Lesson 6 Incorporating climate change considerations at the preparation stage
  • Lesson 7 Incorporating climate change into project supervision and evaluation

European Union (EU)

This course is provided by FAO and as trainee you will have to accept the user agreement contained in that course.