The course introduces the main concepts and principles of the Voluntary Guidelines on the Responsible Governance of Tenure. It aims to help people understand the Guidelines and to apply the principles to practical situations in their countries, as well as to raise the general awareness of responsible governance of tenure of land, fisheries and forests.

 4.5 hours
Publication Date:

October 2013

The curriculum primarily addresses "change agents" - i.e. people who can have a direct impact by introducing changes in how tenure is governed. They include national policy makers and administrators, surveyors, trainers, legal support providers, civil society and non-governmental organizations, advocacy, control and monitoring professionals.


The course consists of 5 lessons, of approximately 30 to 90 minutes duration each:

  • Lesson 1 Why is Governance of Tenure Important?
  • Lesson 2 The Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure
  • Lesson 3 Principles of Responsible Governance of Tenure
  • Lesson 4 Implementing Responsible Governance of Tenure
  • Lesson 5 Processes, Mechanisms and Frameworks
European Union (EU)

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