Climate Change and Food Security


This course provides an overview of the impacts of climate change on food security. It also introduces climate-smart agriculture and practices that contribute to climate change adaptation, mitigation, food security and development.


3.5 hours

Publication Date:

March 2012


The target audience of the e-learning course includes:

  • Mid-level managers, technical staff, field personnel who are involved in the collection, management, analysis, and reporting of food security information.
  • Planners, policy formulators and programme managers who are involved in monitoring progress in poverty reduction, and meeting food security goals and targets.


The course consists of 4 lessons, of approximately 20 to 60 minutes duration each:

  • Lesson 1 Overview
  • Lesson 2 Impacts of Climate Change on Food Security
  • Lesson 3 Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in Agriculture
  • Lesson 4 Climate-Smart Agriculture


European Union (EU)

This course is provided by FAO and as trainee you will have to accept the user agreement contained in that course.