• Assessing Impact of Development Programmes on Food Security

    This course has the objective to support countries and regions in assessing the overall impact of their investments in food security on the well-being of the targeted populations. The methods and approaches described in the course are equally applicable to smaller projects.

    Duration: 10 hours   Publication Date: June 2010

    • System Requirements

      For the online version of this course it is necessary to have the Adobe Flash player installed and enabled in your browser. Please be aware that the course is not supported by iOS (iPad or iPhone). 

    • Audience

      The target audience for this course includes both users and generators of information on programme impact:

      • Programme managers and designers;
      • Monitoring and evaluation officers;
      • External evaluators;
      • Government officials, donors and other decision makers.
    • You will learn about

      • Programme design Implications
      • Impact Assessment in programme design
      • Quantitative methods: Household surveys
      • Quantitative methods: Secondary data
      • Qualitative methods
      • Selecting methods and approaches
      • Analyzing and Interpreting impact data
      • Documenting and reporting results