Agricultural risk management strategy, policy and mainstreaming

Responding to risk requires developing strategies which combine different risk management tools as well as policies and programs to address constraints and broader issues that create the context in which risks occur. This course will present the role that major stakeholders in the agrifood system can play to design Agriculture Risk Managment (ARM) strategies and make them effective and sustainable.

  • System Requirements

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The target audience for this course includes:

  • Farmers, farm management advisors, farmer organizations and communities;
  • Policymakers and planners, and other government officials; and
  • Service and input providers and other intermediaries dealing with agricultural risk management services.

You will learn about

The course consists of 4 sections:

  • Section 1 Implementing Risk Management Strategy at the Farm Level (Micro)
  • Section 2 Implementing Risk Management Strategy at the Local Area Level (Meso)
  • Section 3 Implementing Risk Management Strategy at the National Level (Macro)
  • Section 4 The Role of Government, Capacity Building and Mainstreaming of ARM