The course program consists of classroom lectures and hands-on practical sessions on seed certification. The sessions will cover different seed field inspection methods (OECD, AOSCA, India). Laboratory seed testing procedures and methods based on International Seed Testing Rules will be covered and demonstrated to the participants during the course. Similarly, the course will introduce and demonstrate different seed health methods.

Main topics and practical sessions include:

● Introduction to seed certification components and functions,

● Introduction to seed field inspection and different methodologies,

● Introduction to seed quality attributes and testing methods,

● Introduction to International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) rules and applications,

● Introduction to seed sampling, preparation and storage,

● Introduction to seed quality tests (purity, germination, moisture),

● Introduction to seed health tests,

● Practical field visits on field inspection,

● Practical on laboratory seed quality tests, and

● Practical on laboratory seed health tests.