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Support by Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development

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We would like to thank the Arab Fund for Economic and Social Development (AFESD) very much for their continuous support of ICARDA's E-Learning Platform.
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New courses

بواسطة - Bastian Mueller

I would to inform that we have developed new E-Learning courses within a GIZ-funded project ICT2Scale. The courses are accessible on this E-Learning platform.

The courses are open to anyone upon registering on the platform and are addressing a variety of subject ranging from Supplementary Irrigation over Beekeeping to Planting Cactus for Fodder. The courses are:

Supplementary Irrigation, Creation of a Project, Andragogy, Honey Bee Keeping and Planting Method and Environmental Requirements of the Plant Cactus. They are mainly in Arabic and French targeting Extension Service Employees in Northern Africa, mainly Tunisia.

Cours nouveaux chez ICARDA's E-Learning Platform - New Courses on ICARDA's E-Learning Platform

بواسطة - Bastian Mueller

Version française – English version see below

Chers Alumni, Partenaires, Collègues,

Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer l’opérationnalisation de notre plateforme E-Learning Cette plateforme accueille maintenant un total de 33 cours couvrant plusieurs sujets, allant du changement climatique à la sécurité alimentaire, en passant par le genre. Depuis le début de cette année, il y a aussi 9 cours disponibles en langue française. Pour plus de renseignements, nous vous invitons à consulter notre site web indiqué ci-dessus, afin d’explorer les opportunités d'élargir vos connaissances.
Nous vous prions de bien vouloir partager cette information avec d’autres ICARDA Alumni, partenaires et collègues, afin de les inviter à rejoindre ce groupe.
Finalement, nous vous invitons à participer activement dans ce groupe et n'hésitez pas à poster vous-même des messages intéressants et pertinents.

Bastian Mueller

English Version:

Dear Alumni, partners, colleagues

It is our pleasure to announce the growing of our E-Learning platform
It now hosts a total of 33 courses covering several topics from Climate Change over Food Security to Gender. Since the beginning of this year there are also 9 courses available in French language. We would like you to have a look and explore these opportunities to expand your knowledge, since they are free to access. Please spread the word, invite other Alumni, colleagues and partners of ICARDA to this group and do not hesitate to post interesting and relevant posts yourself.

Best Regards 
Bastian Mueller

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