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Flash no longer supported - limited courses available

de Bastian Mueller -

As of now the Adobe Flash player is no longer supported. Many courses have been disabled and others might not be working. We are looking into alternatives in order to make the content available soon to many learners, again.

New courses

de Bastian Mueller -

I would to inform that we have developed new E-Learning courses within a GIZ-funded project ICT2Scale. The courses are accessible on this E-Learning platform.

The courses are open to anyone upon registering on the platform and are addressing a variety of subject ranging from Supplementary Irrigation over Beekeeping to Planting Cactus for Fodder. The courses are:

Supplementary Irrigation, Creation of a Project, Andragogy, Honey Bee Keeping and Planting Method and Environmental Requirements of the Plant Cactus. They are mainly in Arabic and French targeting Extension Service Employees in Northern Africa, mainly Tunisia.

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